Latvijas Privāto Augstskolu Asociācija

Baltic Psychology and Management University College (formerly the Higher School of Psychology) is a permanently accredited higher educational institution of Latvia, successfully functioning in the market of higher of education services since 1995 year.

The mission of BPMUC is education and training of highly qualified and competitive professional specialists for the needs of the national economies of Latvia and the European Union.

The main goal of the BPMUC is to provide students with the access to higher education and training in accordance with modern international standards in the fields of psychology, social welfare, economics and management.

In order to develop the professional skills of future specialists the following interactive teaching methods are employed: the case studies analysis, business games, mindset trainings, presentation and defence of the outcomes of students’ self-study and research projects, student conferences.

The laboratory of experimental psychology and psychophysiology, established in 2001, facilitates the connection of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the study programs of psychology and social work.

The Baltic Psychology and Management University College provides education and training in four study directions in Riga and the subsidiaries:


Lomonosova 4,
Riga, Latvia, LV 1003
(+371) 67100608